Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

May All Your Dachshund Dreams Come True.

Wiener Wonderland (to the tune of Winter Wonderland)

Dog tags ring, are you listenin'?
In the lane snow is glistenin'.
It's yellow, not white - I've been there tonight,
marking up my Wiener Wonderland.
Smell that tree? That's my fragrance.
It's a sign for wand'ring vagrants:
"Avoid where I pee, it's my property!
Marked up as my Wiener Wonderland."
In the meadow Dad will build a snowman,
following the classical design.
Then I'll lift my leg and let it go, man,
so all the world will know it's mine-mine-mine!
Straight from me to the fencepost,
flows my natural incense boast:
"Stay off of my turf, this small piece of earth.
I mark it as my Wiener Wonderland."

Be safe and Merry Christmas!

Photo source unknown. Poem slightly modified from a poem around the net, original source unknown.


Anonymous said...

Como hago para suscribirme aqui?
Tengo una foto de mi dash que me gustaria publicar!
Saludos me gusta mucho la pagina!

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Laura,
Send an email to Joey and Maggie at along with a little story about your dachshund, and we'll do our best to get it posted in a few days!
Looking forward to meeting your special dog!

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