Friday, December 19, 2008

Smoking Hot Dachshunds

We can't stop thinking about yesterday's post with 'General Edi,' the dachshund with a half pack of cigarettes a day habit. Thanks for the great comments, especially what P.J. wrote: But it also points out how all the precautions--and worrying--in the world on the part of us dachshund owners can be for nothing in the end. He was TWENTY-TWO years old, the canine equivalent of a heavy smoker, and what did him in? Being hit by a car!!! It reminds me of the (supposedly true) news item about a health nut who died as a result of choking on a handful of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Yep, LOVE is the most important thing in a dachshund's life. Thanks to our pal 'Sampson' for sending in this funny photo. (Original source unknown)

Have a great Friday!

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Anonymous said...

dogs are smart don't smoke

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