Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wiener Dog Cake

Looks yummy!  Via Cake Central:  Half of the cake is chocolate w/ vanilla BC and white w/strawberry BC.


Baxter said...

aw, so cute. this sort of reminds me of the debate i always have with myself when I am tempted to buy a squeaky dog toy shaped like a dachshund. do i get it for Baxter and let him get all wolfy on a miniature version of himself? what kind of message is that? but much as Baxter would succumb to the squeaky, I know I'd be exactly the same way with that yummy cake. But don't worry Baxter, I promise after I'm done that I won't eat u too.

Anonymous said...

How very clever and cute - a doxie cake! Kindly, Jayne and Annie

vega said...

check out this hilarious video of a dachshund puppy beating up a cat LOL

Unknown said...

I've always wanted a doxie cake made with a chocolate cake roll!

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