Friday, April 8, 2011


by Beth Williams

I never fail to marvel at
The treachery of man;
Nor how this clever diplomat
Achieves his cunning plan.

If he should want the chair you're in -
Without a trace of guile -
He'll ask if you would like a spin
In the countryside awhile?

What joyous words he's just announced!
You race him to the door!
But wait!  That man is now ensconced
In the chair you had before!

for the American Dachshund magazine, February, 1971
Vintage wirehair photo source unknown.


Anonymous said...

Maggie, Maggie how are you.
Here's hoping no news is good news.
Your fans await.

Anonymous said...

Love the header photo of Joey and Maggie...hope Maggie's feeling better today! Cute photo and poem, I don't promise Baron anything I just lift him out of the way! *smile*

masstransit said...

We're anxious for news. Pray that it's good.

Keren Hening said...

Maggie Moo and Joey, how are you today?
Guiness the Senior can't come out to play,
He's just bein' lazy an' sleepin' away,
So kisses from Auntie are comin your way!

Auntie Keren

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