Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hunt For Juhas Continues

Thanks to our pal 'Ozzie' for sending in an email which is being forwarded around to Dachshund and dog lovers everywhere that the hunt for handsome black and tan 'Juhas' is still on.  We're sure you remember this little guy, who was stolen along with a semi-truck in a Laredo, Texas grocery store parking lot in December. 

Male miniature Dachshund
He is 6 years old, all black with tan marking on his feet, and on his neck.
He is micro-chipped with Canadian registration #0A00777457, but it is possible that his micro chip might not work in US area.
His name is Juhas, pronounced (yoo-has)
12 -14 lbs ( might be less now)

Stranger things have happened in the world of Dachshunds than finding this guy and getting him re-united with his heart-broken family.  Let's keep looking for him.  There is a $2,000 reward for his return, no questions asked.  Stay updated on his search at his facebook page:  For the Love of Juhas.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting as I have asked before if there was any news on Juhas. Amazing that a semi truck could disappear without a trace too. I live in Canada and hope that the little guy is reunited with his family. We will keep our prayers going him.

Anonymous said...

This blog is looked at by many all over. If some people have friends/family or other contacts in Mexico and send Juhas's photo and other details including his chip no. maybe someone over there can contact the Mexican SPCA's, Shelters, rescue groups and inquire if a dachshund was handed in and may have been adopted out. Its worth a shot if any readers have any contacts. Hope something will come to light.

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