Friday, April 29, 2011

The Dachshund House - Berkeley, California

We're sure some of our readers feel the same way, but as Dachshund chachki collectors, sometimes we look around the house and wonder "Geez, do I really need all this Dachshund stuff?  Are we a wee bit crazy for adding another Dachshund figurine to the collection?  Do we really need these Dachshund towels for the kitchen?  These Dachshund flannel sheets are sure warm, but...really?" 
As part of our therapy for Doxiemania, it helps to look at the collections or displays of other Dachshund Lovers - "Wow - you've got over 1,000 Dachshund figurines!  No one will doubt you're a Dachshund Lover, your car looks great with 50 Wiener Dog stickers on it."  Puts things back into perspective for us at least, when we come to the realization that there are different levels of Doxiemania - maybe we're not so crazy after all.  But we always remind ourselves that there is a thin line between Doxie Pride and Doxiemania.
Enter The Dachshund House.  Dog Milk just posted several photos of what they term The Dachshund House, which can be found in Berkeley, California, right over the Oakland/Berkeley border.  They note:  It’s truly a visual treat for all those who have the fortune to pass by.
Some might think that the house is a bit over-done, but what is that point of going over the top?  It's neat and clean, and we're sure the Artful Dachshunds brighten up the neighborhood.  We're giving this house 4 paws up - every neighborhood should be so lucky to have one.  But that's just us.  Maybe the Poodle People across the street don't have the same view.
Check out all the photos at Dog Milk.  You'll feel better.  Honest.
Thanks to our friend Alison for sending in the link!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool!!! Now thats really recycling unrecycle-able materials. cheers from Sass, Shilo, Miss Maggie and LollyPop from Quebec

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

That's not just a Dachshund, that's art :) I do really like that they recycled metals to make them. And doxiemania is like a snowflake, no two are the same...

Jaime from Dog Milk said...

Thanks for the link love :) We've added you to our blogroll xo

Anonymous said...

THANKS for sharing with us, Carson.

Color me GREEN with envy.

Liz K

impromptublogger said...

If that's the outside of their house, I am just wondering what is INSIDE!!! ;-)

Karen said...

Love it!

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