Friday, April 29, 2011

Grand Dachshunds in History: A Royal Love Affair

It's not always about the Corgis, or the "Dorgis."  There had to be a Royal Dachshund or two.
Photo source:  unknown


Ashleigh said...

They should have stuck with the doxies...tee hee...have never seen the pics before...thanks for sharing!

doxie mama said...

The Queen Mum was the Royal Patroness of the Dachshund Club of Great Britian. The Windsors have had dachshunds for decades but the "went underground" (pun intended) and the corgis stole the spotlight. Queen Elizabeth has Dachsies to this day.

Anonymous said...

Notice how you never see Her Madge with a Dachshund and a corgi in the same shot. We tried adopting one of each, didn't work at all.

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