Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dachshund Relaxation: Golia, Fiona and Frankie

We can count on our left paw the number of times we've featured any Dachshunds from Italy here on The Long and Short of it All, and that really needs to change.  Let's see, there was Dachshunds Around the Globe back in 2008,  Dachshunds supporting Italy in World Cup Dachshunds back in 2010, and of course Italian Dachshund Fashion with the Harmont & Blaine posts. 
But this is the first time we've seen such a nice film of Italian Dachshunds in action, and the setting is as idyllic as expected, coming from the Comune di Rovereto, a city located in the Vallagarina valley of the Adige River.  Watch with your Dachshunds.
By youtuber shibuya86.


Anonymous said...

The three Italian dachshunds are adorable!

Whit said...

Aw this video makes me want to get a couple more doxies for my Milo !
They are so adorable!

firstyouleap said...

So sweet! I love the two B&T's efforts to get objects out of the water without getting wet--and the courageous breakthrough! Melinda and Jeeves

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