Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Those Special Dachshunds: Meet Boz!

Meet handsome red smooth 'Boz.' Go Go Go Agility Boy! Click each photo to enlarge. Thanks to 'JPaleBlue' for sending in such beautiful photos of their little champ.

His human notes: Boz was adopted 4 years ago from the West Valley Animal shelter. He had all of his grown up teeth--so the vet estimated he was at least one year old--but he weighed only 6 pounds. Judging by his weight, the vet guessed he had been on the street for about two weeks without food. Needless to say, Boz is my best buddy. He is a sweet loving soul.

And look at Boz now. Wow! It's amazing what love can do.

Boz gives a great Dachshund Glare.

Boz waits patiently for tomorrow's turkey.


Anonymous said...

Those are gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

Boz is beautiful. Thanks for telling his wonderful story.

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