Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Dachshunds Rescued From Hoarder are Reunited

In a sad, yet somehow heart-warming story, 26 dachshunds were rescued from a Mission Viejo, California home, and then reunited with their new adopted humans. The above photo shows the rescued dogs with their new families. Excerpt from the OC Register: Karen Stone, 47, has been debilitated since 1991, and for several years has been unable to care for the dogs. Her husband and son tried to come to the rescue. Every night her husband cleaned and disinfected the back yard. Her son cleaned their bedding, fed and exercised them.
It wasn't enough. Since August Stone has turned over 26 miniature dachshunds to the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center. Deputies found more than 70 dogs in kennels in the home and back yard. Nearly all of the dogs' vocal cords had been cut.

"What is unusual is that she started as an unauthorized business and somewhere down the line she went into denial about the number and the healthcare care that was being neglected," said Sharon Cody, president of the Dedicated Animal Welfare Group that spent more than $10,000 in medical bills to make the dachshunds adoptable. "She will be monitored for compliance."
A week ago almost all the dachshunds and their new families reunited at Cody's home.

Read all about this sad story of hoarding and the happy reunion with 23 nice photos at the OC Register. For us at least, it's as though the reunion provides some sort of closure to an otherwise very sad tale.


inc123 said...

My Polly was rescued form a puppy mill when she was 8, and although she had not lived as a family member member before, she has more than adapted & bonded to life as the queen supreme(and alpha dog. Older dogs do bond & they do learn new tricks. I hope these doxies are as loved!

Rowdy and Bette said...

Glad to hear that Polly adapted so well. We've done transport for older puppy mill dogs, and have seen the kind of "blank stares" that they give, and know how much hard work it is to socialize them sometimes. Good job with Polly!

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