Monday, November 10, 2008

Open Season 2

Hey animation fans, you can catch the adventures of 'Mr. Weenie' in Open Season 2 for free over at Just watch out for an adult-oriented pop-up that we encountered if you're watching with the kids. It's a little over an hour in length, and will be released on DVD in the US in January, 2009.

Plot Details: Boog and Elliot are back for more crazy adventures. Mr. Weenie is lured out of the woods by dog biscuits placed in the wild by his owner who is still looking for him, a year after he disappeared. However Mr. Weenie is kidnapped by a group of pampered pets, determined to return him to his owners. Boog and Elliot and their friends launch a full-scale rescue mission and soon find themselves in enemy territory: the world of the pets. Led by a toy poodle named Fifi, the pets do not plan to let Mr. Weenie go without a fight.

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