Thursday, March 20, 2008

Roxy, the Doxy Bitten by Coral Snake, Comes Home!

Roxy, a sick little girl. Photo from her mom.
What wonderful news, there's nothing that could make dog and dachshund lovers happier today! It's an amazing miracle, but 'Roxy,' the 11-month-old girl who was bitten and paralyzed by a coral snake on Sunday in her home in Delray Beach, Florida, and was fighting for her life at the vets for several days, came home yesterday! She will need physical therapy, but is doing great.
Beyond being a miracle, we think that Roxy is nothing less than a modern-day HEROINE for taking on that snake to protect her humans. What a special girl.
We spoke with Roxy's humans, Alethea and Jeremy Brooks, and received this wonderful update before she came home:

Thank you so much for your thoughts & prayers! It has made a difference not only to Roxy but to us. It has really given us strength & hope. I was shocked at how many people really cared & have tried to give us comfort during this difficult time.
Roxy is improving at a much faster rate than was expected! She is trying to eat on her own & can sit up for a short time on her front legs! She has started barking at the other dogs in the vets office (& growling at the cats) Her feisty spirit is back! We are relieved and proud of her!

Then the big news came yesterday when Roxy's veterinarian, Dr. Sidney D. Lehr, DVM left a heartwarming comment on Roxy's story:

I am Roxy's veterinarian, and I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I sent her home about two hours ago - walking. I wouldn't have thought this would have had such a happy ending so soon. The coral snake anti-venin I gave her on Monday was what saved her - and the TLC of my staff.
Sidney D. Lehr, DVM

Thanks so much to the Palm Beach Post for all the updates on Roxy. There was another update yesterday when Roxy came home, including an amazing video, don't miss it.

And finally, from Roxie's humans last night:

Roxy is at home & still trying to recover. She can walk in short intervals and then she sleeps for a few hours :) She now has her own web page & her very own email address

Thanks again to everyone,
Jeremy, Alethea, Roxy & Nala

Photo from mom of Roxy as a puppy.

Welcome home Roxy! We look forward to reading about your progress on your website.

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