Monday, March 17, 2008

Roxy the Dachshund Bitten by Coral Snake; Fights for Life

Let's send lots of prayers and good wishes for red smooth 'Roxy' the Doxie who was bitten by a coral snake in her home yesterday in Delray Beach, Florida. Excerpt from the Palm Beach Post: Roxy, an 11 month-old Dachshund from Delray Beach, was fighting for her life Monday afternoon after a coral snake bite left her paralyzed. Dr. Sidney Lehr said Roxy was showing "positive" signs after anti-coral venom toxin was administered, but it was too early to tell if the canine would pull through. Read about the poor girl at the Palm Beach Post. We know that everyone is sending lots of dachshund love your way Roxy.

UPDATE: March 18th, 12N CST: Roxie survived the night and is improving. Excerpt from the Palm Beach Post: Roxy, the 11 month-old Dachshund that was left paralyzed by a coral snake bite Monday, is going to make it.
"I wouldn't have said this yesterday," said veternarian Sidney Lehr this morning. "I wouldn't have believed it. She's a little dog who got bitten by a poisonous snake."
"She has started moving her head a little, though she still can't open her mouth, needs to be tube fed and have her bladder emptied. Read the entire update at the Palm Beach Post.


Anonymous said...

Roxy thanks you all for your love and support! She is steadly fighting for her life. She is so strong. She wants to live!!! Her tail has started waging her tail & is starting to bark (especially if you stop paying attention to her!) She is still paralyzed but you can tell she is ready for her body to start working!
Lots of Love,
Roxy's parents :)

Rowdy and Bette said...

We know the doxie community is praying for Roxy and sending lots of good thoughts. Thanks so much for taking the time to send an update.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Roxy's story, and to Roxy and her parents, thanks so much for updating us. We send our love and hope for the best outcome for Roxy.
Christa, Zeppelin, Bruno, & Olga

Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

Roxy is in our thoughts. She seems like a tough little doxie and we are pulling for her and hoping for positive updates!

Hang in there, Roxy

Dr. Lehr said...

I am Roxy's veterinarian, and I want to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I sent her home about two hours ago - walking. I wouldn't have thought this would have had such a happy ending so soon. The coral snake anti-venin I gave her on Monday was what saved her - and the TLC of my staff.
Sidney D. Lehr, DVM

Anonymous said...

We continue to send our love and prayers for Roxie. Also our prayers are sent to her parents for standing by her side, Dr. Lehr for his excellent care and his technicians. Keep up the fight baby girl!!!!
Love NH Doxies
Dudley,Brewster,& O'Reilly

Anonymous said...

I hope Roxy pulls through I have a dachshund at home and it's name is Roxy and its really upseting I will keep Roxy in my prayers

Anonymous said...

Just to let you know, Roxy went to the Rainbow Bridge 9 days after she got bit by the snake and was home. I guess her little body could not take it.

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