Saturday, March 1, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup

Dachshunds are such a wonderful part of our lives, and there sure were lots of them smiling with us for the cameras this week. Here's a bonus roundup of doxies in the news from all around the world. Woof! Above, Johanne Tassé of the Companion Animal Adoption Centres of Quebec, Canada, poses with a red smooth and says "There's nothing wrong with shelter dogs." Read all about the CAACQ at The Gazette.

Will Lehmann of Sandwich, New Hampshire, sits on the steps with his chocolate and tan smooth dachshund, 'Frank', at his expansive barn-style studio and workshop. "Walk toward the shop and Lehmann's tube-shaped dachshund, appropriately named Frank, will trot out to meet you and lead you up the steps, stubby legs hopping like a Slinky in reverse." Read all about Lehmann's framing and art conservation business at The Citizen.

Carol Ann Sklar with red smooth 'Rosie,' the official greeter of Carol Ann’s Linen Closet in Milford, Pennsylvania. Read all about Sklar's business at Straus News.

Finally, from Bethel, Ohio, meet Shanda and Charles Raymond Douglas with their red smooth, 'Molly Sue.' Shanda and Charles talk all about Molly Sue in a special 'Me and my pet' column at The Community Press. "When Molly was a puppy, Shanda carried her in a basket as she went on errands, such as to the bank where the tellers gave her treats. "Now she gets all excited when I ask if she wants to go see the girls (at the bank)," Shanda said." Read all about Molly Sue at The Community Press.

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Maribeth said...

Great shots. But you need some wire-haired dachshunds too! LOL

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