Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dachshunds in Pop Culture: Sabine Sinjen

Who? Sabine Sinjen (Aug 18 1942 - May 18 1995) was an award-winning German film, theatre, and television actress. She began her film career in the 50s, playing mostly roles of young naive teenage girls, even working with dachshund lover Romy Schneider. She was not satisfied with her on-screen persona, and moved on to more serious roles in the theatre, and later to television.
Sabine was diagnosed with cancer in 1984, and had her right eye removed in 1986. Despite her serious illness, she continued to act in theatre and television by wearing an eye patch which was obscured by her hair. She succumbed to her cancer in 1995.
We don't know the name of her red smooth dachshund. Find out more about Sabine Sinjen at this translated German wikipedia link, or this review of her biography, Scenes From My Life.

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