Saturday, December 1, 2007

Hanukkah Dachshunds

Meet pretty red long-hair 'Bradley' and one of his humans Adrienne Feldman. Hopefully Bradley will be enjoying Hanukkah dinner with all his humans, and whoever else would like to "watch them eat latkes, argue about money and what the kids are doing, light the menorah, and engage in all the other arcane rituals of a family holiday meal." Called The Feldman Dynamic: Hanukkah in Little Havanaka, it's a performance, it's real life, it's a public-private Jewish ritual taking place Dec. 4 through Dec. 11, the eight nights of Hanukkah, at Camposition Studio on the edge of Little Havana, Miami, Florida.
The Long and Short of it All spoke with the good folks at Camposition Studio, and Bradley's appearance isn't set in stone, but we certainly hope he can join the family on stage for dinner every night. What would family dinner be like without an impatient dachshund at your feet?
If you're interested in this event, read more at The Miami Herald.

Dachshund Hanukkah tip: Watch out for those Hanukkah coins! This is pretty red smooth 'Oscar,' from Newton, Massachusetts, who gave an Oscar-worthy performance last year by eating 40 of the foil-covered chocolate coins, and found himself in the emergency clinic.
"He pulled it down from the coffee table, got through the netting and opened the foil," his human Debbie Novick said.
And he'd done so with what Novick called "surgical" precision.
"When they finally had him throw up at the vet, they said there was no foil in there whatsoever," she said.
Novick said she didn't think much of the potential consequences at first.
"I was like, You pig,' and Thank God he didn't get chocolate on my couch.' "
Read all about Oscar's performance at The Daily News Tribune.

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