Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dachshunds Blessed in Richmond, Virginia

Meet little 'Milly' and her human Cindy King. They attended a special blessing of the animals held by the Richmond Police Department and the Friends of the Mountain Squad in Richmond, Virginia, yesterday. Here's an excerpt from More than three dozens dogs, from collies to pit bulls to dachshunds, a handful of cats and a trio of police horses surrounded the Shockoe Slip Fountain, which was dedicated to the "one who loves animals."
"This is in recognition of working animals and the important work they do," said Sue Mullins, a charter member of the Friends group. "This is to create awareness and to show how much people like animals."
Though the event started as a way to recognize police horses and dogs, it's grown to include companion animals as well.
"It's so sweet because I love animals," said Cindy King, who works at the Martin Agency nearby and brought her dachshund Milly.
"It's something special we can do for them. They don't always get included during the holidays." Read the rest at

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