Friday, December 21, 2007

Dachshund Puppies for Christmas

Meet 6-week-old 'Paisley-Sarah' and her human, almost 4-year-old Ryleigh Whalen of Plattsburgh, New York. Santa Claus delivered the young pup on Ryleigh's front porch as an early Christmas gift. We wish Ryleigh and Paisley-Sarah the best of luck. Excerpt from The Press Republican: As silent as silent could be, Santa set the pooch, in a red-bowed box, on the front porch of Ryleigh Whalen's house.
The little girl's mom, Amanda, set the surprise in motion.
"I think there's a package on the doorstep," she said.
Though she's not quite 4, Ryleigh knows an early Christmas present when she sees one -- in seconds, she had it open. Carefully, for the 6-week-old miniature dachshund looked awfully fragile, she picked it up to snuggle.
"She's my puppy, and I can keep her forever and ever," she announced.
"All she wanted was a puppy," said Amanda, who couldn't resist fulfilling her daughter's dearest wish. "That's all she asked for." Read the rest and see more photos at The Press Republican.

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