Monday, December 3, 2007

The Christmas Dachshund

Spotted: dachshunds in festive garb. The first sign that Christmas is coming? Bonnie Camm's dachshund waits for the "reindog" parade to begin in downtown Port Huron, Michigan, Saturday afternoon during their "Merry MainStreet" events. The parade of dogs and their owners kicked off the Christmas season in downtown. Excerpt from The Times Herald:
Canines got festive on Saturday, parading down Huron Avenue in reindeer antlers, Santa hats and other holiday costumes.
The annual "reindog" parade is a treat for local dog owners, many who said they love to show off their pets wearing cute holiday garb.
"It gives them a chance to let the dog celebrate the holiday with the family," said Holly Cook, owner of Special Pet Care Services in Marysville, which sponsors the parade. "People feel their pets are a part of their family."
Read all about the event at The Times Herald.

This story was submitted by today's special guest host, smooth red piebald 'Rudy,' from Carlinville, Illinois. Rudy loves Christmas, and can't wait to sniff out the presents under the tree. Rudy is the cousin of your hosts, Joey and Maggie. Rudy has partially blue eyes which don't translate so well when his photo is taken, but he's a pretty rescue boy who went through several homes before finding his forever home. He loves all people and kids, and is the greeter at his mom's beauty shop. He also loves deer: deceased deer he finds in the woods near his home. His humans followed him in the woods one day to see what he was up to, and he promptly led them to a deceased deer and jumped on top of it and started rolling on it. No wonder he had been so stinky every time he went outside!

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