Monday, December 3, 2007

Dachshund Puppy Rescued by Photojournalist!

This is a screen capture of the video out of Ionia, Michigan, where News 8 photojournalist Bilal Kurdi climbed into a hole to rescue a tiny dachshund puppy. We love happy endings! Excerpt from WOODTV: Down a muddy and steep ravine on the side of the hill near Ionia Middle School, a fortress of twisted branches, a virtual slip and slide of sludge, children peered through a fence where the dachshund was stuck.
"Well, we've been trying to get the dog out of the hole and it seems to be barking a lot. It would stop and growl, we've been digging down there but we're not sure where it's at," said Tara Bush, a curious little girl.
Reports of a small dog around this area poured into Ionia County Animal Control. They were unable to catch the animal, but widened the hole to make it easier for it to escape.
"We hope to have it come out and into our live trap, which is baited with some wet dog food, and hopefully in an hour or two the dog will be safe and sound," said animal control Officer Erik Kelley.
24 Hour News 8's Kurdi put a camera down the hole and saw a little face peering out from the darkness.
That's when Kurdi realized the puppy inside the hole was within reach.
"He's going to get his shirt all dirty and that's not going to be good," said a child's voice as our photojournalist dove head first into the hole.
Kurdi braved the mud and rain by crawling into the hole, legs flailing to pull the dog out.
"Got her!" Kurdi exclaimed as he pulled the little Dachshund shivering and hungry from the ground. The dog gratefully kissed him.
Animal control officers suspect the young pup has been living off of scraps in the cold for days. For this dog, it's going to be a happy holiday.
"Dream outcome is to get the dog into our shelter, give it some food, and water, evaluate its health and get it adopted," said Kelley.
The Ionia County Animal Shelter said they will hold onto the puppy for about five days to give the owners a chance to claim it.
After that, it will be up for adoption.

Watch the remarkable video at WOODTV right here.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, what a precious little pup, and a very kind (cold messy) human! We're so happy that this little one is indoors and cared for, where she belongs. We send warm wishes for a safe and happy future.
Christa, Zep & Bruno

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