Monday, December 17, 2007

Dachshunds Teleconferencing with their Dads in Iraq in the News

What a special holiday treat for little red 'Sable' and her family. This is a photo of Master Gunnery Sgt.-select Kenneth Reynolds in Al Asad, Iraq, on a teleconference with his wife, Teresa, and dachshund Sable. Excerpt from The Los Angeles Times: Teresa Reynolds, daughter Kelsea, son Tyler and their miniature dachshund Sable settled into chairs Saturday morning at the San Diego Supercomputer Center for an early Christmas present.
A satellite connection was established, and soon Marine Master Gunnery Sgt.-select Kenneth Reynolds was on the screen from the air base at Al Asad, Iraq, as part of a program to keep military families in touch with deployed loved ones through teleconferencing.
There was laughter, a few tears, some jokes about shipping Sable to Iraq in a Christmas stocking, and then some inquiries from Dad about how Kelsea, 16, and Tyler, 12, were doing in school.
Finally the joking and asking of questions fell away."I miss you," Kenneth Reynolds, a noncommissioned officer in charge of a crew of air controllers, said quietly."
I miss you, too, sweetheart," his wife said.
Read all about teleconferencing with our armed services at The Los Angeles Times.

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Elizabeth said...

So I love your blog, and I love reading old posts. I Skype with my Dachsund and family while I am at school. I am currently in England while the rest of my family is in OK. Thank you for providing a story like this. It makes me feel close to home sometimes.

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