Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dachshunds Ready for Winter Weather in the News

Meet pretty red smooth 'Lucy.' She's the coverdoxie for a story about pets and winter weather by The Daily Statesman out of Dexter, Missouri. Lucy's ready for the cold and snow with her warm, yet fashionable outerwear. Here's an excerpt from the article: They are our best friends. They are always happy to see us no matter how long we've been gone and no matter what mood we are in.
Being equipped with a fur coat doesn't ensure the safety of your pet during the winter season.
Smaller dogs like Chihuahuas and Dachshunds have a higher metabolism than their larger counterparts. That means that they burn energy quickly and aren't able to maintain their own body temperatures in the cold. And without a lot of hair to help insulate them, they can succumb to the affects of the cold quickly.
"They don't tolerate the cold well at all," said Stoddard County Veterinarian Dr. Kyle Ouzts. "When you have to take a little dog out during the cold, it's better to buy a sweater or jacket for them to wear while they are out … and remember to bring them in sooner.
"Don't leave them out as long."
Read the rest of this article at The Daily Statesman. There are some great winter tips. Woof!

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