Thursday, December 20, 2007

Catching Up With Our Dachshund Friends on YouTube

We haven't had a look at any youtube videos for a while, and some interesting dachshund videos have been posted over the last week. Above, the most recent dachumercial, The Right Companion: Dachshund, is the doxie breed profile from the dvd The Right Companion which has a look at 40 different dog breeds.

Our friend 'Goeman,' the Superdachshund, makes his big television debut in this video clip, and it looks like he won the top prize on the show! Way to go Goeman! Check out Goeman's original Superdachshund video we featured way back in July right here. When's the last time you've seen it?

Expo TV offers video product reviews and consumer reports, and they featured a 'Gift-O-Matic' clip on dachshund salt and pepper shakers of all things. We love our dachshund collectibles.

Finally, it is the holiday season after all, and little red smooth 'Amy' gets to open an early Christmas present with the family and play with it in this video Weiner Dog Gets Christmas Present. Her tail doesn't stop. Woof!

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