Monday, December 31, 2007

Dachshunds Love Pet Sitters

Are you getting this hint Dad? We're so bored while you're at work! Meet pretty red longhair 'Pippen,' and pet sitters Amy Isbell, and Jessica Lozez holding 'Lulu' the ferret. Amy and Jessica are employees of Treasured Pets, a professional pet sitting service out of Tyler, Texas. Excerpt from The Tyler Morning Telegraph: Spend an afternoon with the sitters and it becomes clear the job comes with its own set of challenges.
At the first stop, the women were greeted by two wiggling wiener dogs, Pippin and Ellie, who barked in anticipation of a play session.
As the dogs raced around the living room, the sitters retrieved Lulu the ferret from a nearby cage.
After several minutes of play and grooming, the animals, their energy spent, settled back in for a mid-morning snooze.
Read all about Treasured Pets and pet sitting at The Tyler Morning Telegraph.

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