Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Celebrity Dachshund Watch: Elke and Ben Gazzara

As previously reported to happen, Elke, Ben, and red smooth 'Maxi' Gazzara gave a reading in the Hamptons, New York, on Saturday from Elke's new dachshund-related book Madison Avenue Maxi. Here's an excerpt from Accompanied by both her actor husband, Ben, and their adorable sable-covered miniature dachshund, Maxi, Gazzara relayed that she just wants “everyone to know the love of an animal, whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, or whatever animal you want.” During her husband’s illness and hospitalization in California, and through her own medical scare, Gazzara grew strength and comfort from the unconditional love and affection of Maxi, and wanted to honor their treasured canine with a book revealing the travels, trials and ultimate joy Maxi has brought both she and her husband.
Read all about the event at The Hamptons Online.

In a related Page Six tidbit from The New York Post: Veteran actor Ben Gazzara and his wife successfully snuck their beloved dachshund, Maxi, into restaurants around town for years - until they finally got busted at a French bistro. In her new memoir, "Madison Avenue Maxi," Elke Gazzara writes how she deftly warded off a maitre d' who tried to seize her bag containing the pooch, explaining, "Oh, no, no, no . . . I have all my money in here." But during dinner, "our waiter stepped a little too close to the bag resting at Ben's feet." The maitre d' quickly approached, and snipped, "Monsieur Gazzara, your money is barking!"

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