Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dachshund Lovers Profess Their Devotion in the News

Here's a simple story about dachshund love: meet pretty red smooth dappled 'Copper,' 10, and his human Jimmy Davis from Montpelier, Indiana. Copper sure is a handsome boy, and even though he's 10 years old and graying around the edges, he loves to go for a ride in the van. Excerpt from The Star Press: Jim Davis hardly goes anywhere without his little pal, Copper.
"He's my buddy," Davis said. "Since I've retired, he goes everywhere with me as long as the weather is OK. He acts like the van is his."
Copper, a dachshund, has slept on their bed every night since Jim and wife Donna brought him home 10 years ago, at the age of 12 weeks. But Davis said it was kind of tough going in Copper's puppy days. "The first couple of years were difficult," Davis said. "He was into everything."
Davis chuckles as he recalls the time Copper dug his way under a storage shed and couldn't get out.
"We dug and dug and dug, but couldn't get to him," Davis said. "Finally, we took up the flooring -- in the wrong spot. Had to take it up in two places."
And then there was his mother's loveseat. Copper apparently heard a mouse in there and went in after it. The repair jobs cost about $260.
"They are better on mice than cats," Davis said.
In spite of it all, Davis said he wouldn't take anything for Copper now. "As a companion, Dachshunds are hard to beat." (Woof!)
Read all about Copper at The Star Press.

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