Friday, November 30, 2007

Hunting With Dachshunds

What an odd old German postcard. Think of all the trouble dachshunds would get into if they had human hands. There would be a big mess in the kitchen every time the humans left the house from all the frying of bacon and eggs that would be going on.
Regardless, Dave Bakke at The State Journal-Register out of Springfield, Illinois, had a look at the recent trend to use dachshunds to track deer. Here's an excerpt: First of all, I can just picture excited wiener dogs with their tiny, stubby legs hot on the trail of a wounded or dead deer. People are inclined to laugh, but it works.
Approximately 15 states nationwide permit the practice, though individual regulations vary. Illinois legalized the tracking of wounded deer using a leashed dog three years ago (520 ILCS 5/2.26). The dog must be on a leash of no more than 50 feet, the dog can track at night, and dog trackers don't need a hunting license. But they have to wear blaze orange.
But before you roust your fat, old house dachshund from her warm bed in the corner, know that just any dachshund won't do. They have to be trained first. So let old Fritz sleep by the fire this weekend. Read all about it at The State Journal-Register.

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