Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome Home JR The Dognapped Dachshund

Jimmy Wetch knows he shouldn't have done what he did: he left his handsome black and tan smooth boy 'JR' (pronounced junior) in his unlocked SUV at 1:30 in the morning on Sunday at the gas station while he went in to get some ice cream and a dog treat. And his car was stolen with JR inside. But Jimmy and JR are going to have the best Thanksgiving ever, as there was a tearful reunion yesterday. We're so happy you're home, JR! Excerpt from Pioneer Press: First the carjacked wiener dog was rescued from a rough-and-tumble Minneapolis neighborhood Wednesday.
Then he was reunited with his owner.
And when the owner and the rescuer met, grown men were reduced to tears. Now a man who never felt he gave his mother and sister a proper grave, can.
"They should make a movie about this," an emotionally spent Jimmy Wetch said Wednesday evening.
Wetch's dachshund, JR, was stolen - along with Wetch's car - outside a Fridley gas station early Sunday.
For days, he had been raising reward money and fearing the worst because no one had seen his car or his dog.
Meanwhile, a Minneapolis man, unaware the dogjacking had garnered media attention, spent the previous four days trying to lure the dog away from a boarded-up building - and a group of kids looking to abuse it. He succeeded Wednesday morning and called animal control.
At 1:15 p.m. Wednesday, Minneapolis Animal Control called Wetch.
"Junior!" Wetch exclaimed as an animal control officer sprung the 5-year-old pooch loose in the lobby of the Animal Care Center a little more than two hours later. "There he is!" he said, speaking in the third person but addressing the dog.
JR - the name is pronounced "Junior" - speed-loped, as only a dachshund can, toward his owner and began slapping his tongue against Wetch's cheek.
"Oh, he's mad at me," Wetch said. "I'm sorry." Read the rest of this heart-warming story at Pioneer Press.

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