Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wild Boars, Wild Boar Wire Hairs, and Crashing Bores

Dachshund lover Clemens von Saldern has a problem with wild boars. Not the dachshund, but the actual pig. Above, he surveys damage done by wild boars near his home in Potsdam, Germany, on the southwest border of Berlin. His pretty wild boar wire hair dachshund, 'Pau-Pau' helps out. Von Saldern has just erected an electric fence on the exact site where the Berlin wall stood. But the organic food distributor isn't rebuilding the Iron Curtain -- he's just trying to stop the wild boars from tearing up his garden.
If you're interested in the wild boar problems plaguing Berlin, read the rest at There's grand tales of Nazis, hunting, global warming, and elderly women feeding them like pets.

A wild boar scavenges for food in Tegel Forest in Berlin.

Clemens von Saldern walks with his wife Nadja and Pau-Pau while attaching signs warning of the electric fence.

As an aside, what's that Morrissey song....The World is Full of Crashing Boars? We'll use any opportunity to promote our hero Morrissey, former lead singer of British band The Smiths. Here he sings 'The World is Full of Crashing Bores." A previous dachshund of ours, Louie (RIP), actually got to meet Morrissey once, and got a good scratch on the belly. But that's another story for another time.

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