Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gearing Up for the Dachshund Holidays with Bobo

Dachshunds need their own holiday. We've got National Hot Dog Day and National Hot Dog Month, but that just isn't good enough. Doxmas? Doxukkah? Kwanzdox? Doxivus?
Regardless of the holiday, there's one thing that dachshunds want: "Bobo." Well, Bobo and maybe a big plate of cheese and sausage.
And with the holidays just around the corner, the popular Bobo gets festive this year with Santa hat and boots or wearing a traditional yarmlke and holding a dreidel. Makes a great stocking stuffer for good little dogs. Find them both for just 6 bucks at Dachshund Delights.

Enjoy the classic Petsmart Bobo dachshund commercial. When's the last time you've seen it?

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