Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Look at Fostering Dachshunds

Meet rescues black and tan smooth piebald 'Abby,' and black and tan smooth 'Norman.' They're pictured with dachshund lover Benny Archuleta, of Jacksonville, Florida, a saint in the world of dachshunds and dachshund rescue. Among many dachshund-related rescue and other activities, Mr. Archuleta maintains the Dachshund Rescue Web Page.

He also maintains that the dedicated foster families are the true backbone of rescue. had a look at fostering in the Jacksonville, Florida, area. Here's an excerpt: Norman bounded across the room and leaped into Benny Archuleta's lap, putting himself nose to nose. Norman then put his paws on Archuleta's chest and licked his face, giving him a wet, slobbery kiss.
Yes, Norman is a dog, a dachshund to be specific, but this dog loves Archuleta because he rescued Norman and put him in a foster home.
"A rescue by definition is an unwanted dog. I was shocked to know how many dachshunds are unwanted, and we just want these dogs to be wanted," said Mona Cortellesi, who fosters Norman and several other dachshunds with her husband, Robert. "They just want to be loved and they give a lot of love in return."
See more pics of Mr. Archuleta with Norman, and read all about fostering at Be sure to visit the Dachshund Rescue Web Page.

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