Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pimp Your Dachshund Ride

Admit it. You love your dachshund ride. You love to show the world that you're a dachshund lover, and heads turn with a puzzled smile when you drive down the street, the "I'm a Dachshund" song blaring out your windows and annoying the neighbors. Little almond-shaped dachshund eyes gaze lovingly out of your car, just calmly watching the world go by.
You've got yellow dachshund rescue ribbon magnets on each door, dachshund "nose art" on all your windows, the customized "weenr lvr" license plate encased by the "I heart my dachshund" license plate frame, a bumper sticker on the left rear telling the world that "my dachshund is smarter than your honor student" and another on the right rear with a simple, yet tasteful dachshund silhouette. A yellow caution sign hangs in your rear window advertising, in case there was any doubt: "Dachshund on Board."
You already own or long for a Volvo because it's the safest car for your delicate cargo. You dream of owning your own Oscar Meyer Wienermobile.
Inside, you've got a dog barrier, crates, seat belt harnesses, booster seats, extra leashes, beds, collars, brushes, at least 3 dachshund nodders in your rear window, blankets, poop bags, paper towels, dog food, treats, clean-up spray, a travel water bowl, and extra doxie sweaters in case your destination is chillier than you expected. Where on earth will you put the groceries?
But do you have a dachshund hood ornament? Available in long, wire, or smooth; chrome, bronze, gold-plated, or enameled, they start at about $250 at
NOW you're traveling in style.

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