Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Meet Elvis

This is handsome red smooth 'Elvis,' from Castleton, England. Don't tell Elvis that he's disabled, because he has no idea. All he knows is that he's happy. He's even got his own suede shoes for his hind legs. Go, Elvis, Go! Excerpt from the Rochdale Observer: Miniature dachshund Elvis is proving a wheel hit around town. The eight-year-old slipped a disc and his back legs are paralysed but he is able to get out and about with the aid of a special ‘wheelchair’ fitted with suede shoes.
Owner Christine Banks, of Castleton, said: "The chariot is no bigger than a skateboard – it straps around his front, his feet go in two little suede shoes and it has two wheels at the back. He has now idea why his back legs don’t work and thinks he is walking as normal. He is a happy little thing." Read all about Elvis at the Rochdale Observer.

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