Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dachshund Purses: THE Fashion Trend for 2008

But, dachshunds are so much more than just a fashion accessory! Welcome the latest entry in the wonderful world of dachshund shaped purses and handbags by Dutch designers Caroline Borger & Klaartje de Hartog. They're handmade from real leather, and available in brown, black, or red. (What, no piebald? Can I get a dapple? How about an English Cream?) Available at Dutch by Design. Thanks to Marene H. for the tip!

Dutch by Design dachshund bag in black
Let's not forget the dachshund purses from Fuzzy Nation.

And who can forget Moschino's dachshund purses we featured last September: Dachshunds in Fashion.

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