Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pickles Wins Centralia Dachshund Races

Meet 'Pickles,' the pretty black and tan wire-hair who beat out 51 other wiener dogs on Saturday to win the Wiener Races in Centralia, Washington. Way to go Pickles, and enjoy that $100 prize! Excerpt from The Chronicle: Pickles.
It’s not a name that inspires fear, but on the racing circuit, being underestimated is often the best strategy.
With her scruffy face and faraway stare, Pickles was the longshot at Saturday’s first-ever Wiener Dog Races at Pioneer West Garden Center in Centralia.
Other racers were leaner, hungrier for victory, and more aerodynamic by wiener dog standards.
But once Pickles hit the outdoor track, mouths dropped open, stumpy wiener dog knees buckled, and the faces of the other 51 racers grew pale.
This dog, this Pickles, possessed a rare combination of lightning speed, unwavering calm and the pristine focus of a champion.
“She’s fast,” said her owner and coach, Jane Toulson. “I thought she’d do well.”
The grand prize, $100, will go to enhancing Pickles’ already winning diet, she added.
“She’ll get some meat on her kibble tonight,” said Toulson. Read the rest at The Chronicle.

Jon Scott, of Rochester, celebrates a first-round win with Elvis, his 1 1/2-year-old brindle dachshund. Smiles all around.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello! Greetings from the champion herself, Pickles.

Thank you for publicizing my great win. I just came across this after googling my human's name. What a fabulous surprise!

Until next year's rematch...

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