Thursday, October 11, 2007

Dachshund Drives Car Into The Lake

This is what happens when you leave your dachshund in a running car while you go "fishing." Glad to hear he's OK! Excerpt from South Texas' kiiitv: This story may leave you with more questions than answers because it involves an SUV and a dog whose owner says, the animal drove the vehicle into the Laguna Madre. The SUV which is hanging halfway out into the water and the engine is still running. Inside the vehicle a poor little dachshund is probably hoping someone will come to his rescue. It was just after seven Saturday when a couple decided to go fishing here underneath the JFK Causeway Bridge. They left the dog inside the SUV and left the engine running. They say the dog must have put the SUV into reverse and into the water. Emergency crews told us it looked like the couple may have gotten into an argument and one of them backed the SUV into the Laguna Madre. Either way, they're sticking to their story and the dog, he's not saying a thing except thanks to the firemen who rescued him. Watch the video at the kiiitv link.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

While 'blame it on the dachshund' is often a safe and wise policy, this couple went too far! Poor, cute pup! Good thing it ended well.

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