Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Look What the Dachshund Dug Up

Meet 'Daisy.' Daisy is a wild boar wirehaired dachshund. And Daisy found a Mammoth Bone estimated to be up to 2 million years old according to The Daily Mail. Way to go Daisy! Too bad you can't chew it. Excerpt from The United Kingdom's Daily Mail: When Daisy the dachshund bounds along the shoreline, she often picks up a stick or a dead fish to gnaw on.
But going walkies the other day, she briefly found herself in doggie heaven ... when she was confronted by a bone as big as herself.
However, this was no meaty treat - just a prehistoric prize. For Daisy had discovered a fossilised mammoth bone up to two million years old.
Unable to dig it up, she waited for owner Dennis Smith to arrive - and he was stunned to see the 13in, 8lb thigh section sticking out of the sand.
The bone on the beach at Dunwich, near Southwold, Suffolk, is believed to be from a Southern Elephant, a type of mammoth once common in East Anglia.
And it was a good job Daisy, a miniature wire-haired dachshund, wasn't around when the creature was alive - they grew up to 14ft high and weighed 16 tons.
"We were walking along the beach when Daisy spotted this object halfway between the high tide and low water mark," said Mr Smith, a 69-year-old retired turf salesman from Witham, Essex. Read the rest.

It's not very short. Or long. It's just BIG.

Dennis Smith with his dog and the Mammoth bone

Also check out the East Anglian Daily Times and the Telegraph.

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