Monday, October 15, 2007

Dachshund Fun in Galena

Looks like all the doxies had a great time at the Galena, Illinois Wiener Dog Races on Saturday as part of the Galena Oktoberfest. GO GO GO Wieners! Above, Saundra Kin gives her dog 'Chevy' a kiss before the start of the races. Excerpt from The Telegraph Herald: Ready...set...scamper in some random direction.
The wiener dog races in Galena Saturday were to high stakes greyhound racing what tee-ball tournaments are to Major League Baseball playoff games.
But everyone was out to have fun at the first Galena Oktoberfest, where beer flowed and polka ruled. It was the first such event put on by the Galena Lion's Club and organizers hope to make it an annual fundraiser for the group's vision and hearing projects and screenings.
Club president Jeff Holder organized the wiener dog races, open only to dachshunds, although interlopers from other canine breeds came to watch the contests. Holder, owner of Mia, a long-haired dachshund, set the tone for the lighthearted event.
"Remember, there are no losers here -- they're all...wieners," said Holder, sporting a T-shirt with the outline of a dachshund and the text "I love my wiener." See a cool video, more pics, and read the rest at The Telegraph Herald.

Ryely Moser, 9, watches as his dog 'Pudge' heads toward the finish line.

Jim Busta, of the Jim Busta Band gives Oktoberfest goers something to dance to.

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