Friday, October 26, 2007

Fear The Dachshund

Kevin McCormick, the artist over at Obey The Purebreed, offers up this hilarious brand new dachshund t-shirt design.

Also, check out this very nice "In Dog We Trust" 19x25" hand silk screened poster print now available in a limited edition of 150 archival quality signed and #'d prints. They're only 19 bucks.
"This design is a tribute to the Dachshund (which began in 1885) and to the Dachshund as a revolutionary hero. The Wiener Dog Revolution will continue until the world obeys the Dachshund's radical, yet peaceful ideology." Obey The Dachshund.


Anonymous said...

Oh, superb. I'm ordering one now. That's their best ever!

Buy Generic Viagra said...

That t-shirt design is great, but I would like to see another colors... I don't know maybe a purple one would be interesting.

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