Monday, October 22, 2007

New Dachshund Momma Post C-Section

What a beautiful photo, and we're glad to hear that the new dachshund mom and her puppies are doing great! This is an excerpt from Critter Capers, "a recently graduated veterinarian's capers with critters of all shapes and other animal news of interest."
And the other big news of this week was that I had my first emergency C-section! This little dachshund had been in labor for 24 hours and had produced one puppy...almost 12 hours before the owners called me. Very long story short, we ended up doing a late night C-section on her Thursday night. All told, she had 7 puppies (5 males, 2 females) all of whom were alive and doing well by the time they left. The owners weren't quite sure what the father was (either a Peke or a Chihuahua....probably a Peke by how the pups looked), but I'm sure they'll be pretty cute when they grow up. Mom had been hit by a car when she was a puppy and had a pelvic fracture, which -- combined with the fact that the largest pup in the litter was blocking up the works -- explains why they had problems. I certainly hope they do well! Here is a pic of the new mom and her litter while she was waking up from surgery.
Check out lots of fun animal stories and news at Critter Capers.

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