Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Desperately Seeking Dachshund

Meet 'Guy' and animal communicator Renny Mayer. Guy and his sister, 'Sophie,' wandered off September 17th while chasing turkeys in the Milwaukee area while Mom was helping the 3rd doxie in her crew down the steps. Guy returned injured but Sophie is still missing. We're hoping that Sophie makes it home soon; Mom has been through a lot this year. Excerpt from Greater Milwaukee Today: On Sept. 17 Rhonda Larson got ready for a morning routine - taking the dogs out for their morning run.
The senior dog of the trio, 13-year-old Wilbur, was still recovering from having a tumor removed and Rhonda helped him down a few steps in the garage.
The 7-year-old brother and sister, Guy and Sophie, got away from her and the temptation to chase turkeys grazing nearby proved too much for their self-control.
They gave chase, and before Larson could catch up with them, they were gone.
"I couldn’t find them all day," said Larson, who searched the neighborhood using a megaphone, calling for the dogs.
Guy showed up the next day, injured, but there was no sign of Sophie.
"Why did I open the big door," said Larson, who has spent most of her days since then searching for the black and tan affectionately called "Queen Sophie."
Rhonda's husband Howard passed away in March of this year, and her doxies helped absorb the sorrow of losing her husband. Contact info at Greater Milwaukee Today.

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