Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Dachshund Lovers Teach the ABCs

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Dachshund Lover Dita Von Teese is teaming up with PETA for their new 'ABC' campaign, Animal Birth Control. It's an effort to bring to light companion animal over-population and a reminder to have your pets spayed or neutered. Go Dita! We've heard there is a little tiff over the wearing of vintage fur, but no one is perfect, huh? Read lots more at PETA's

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Enjoy this behind-the-scenes footage from Dita's photo shoot and her exclusive interview with PETA. We wish she would've mentioned her doxies:

"It's time to bone up on your ABCs - Animal Birth Control, that is. FACT: Nearly 4 million cats and dogs are put to death in the US every year because there are not enough good homes. You can help prevent this - always spay or neuter your animals, and if you're considering adding a dog or cat to your family, please adopt from yourlocal animal shelter."

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