Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Wheelchair Pushing Dachshund

Here's an odd little story out of China about a dachsund who's a bit of a local celebrity. Meet two-year-old red smooth 'Guai Guai,' who enjoys pushing a wheelchair for his human by putting his front legs on the foot rests, and pushing with his hind legs. Excerpt from Ananova: "When I pushed my father on a walk, Guai Guai would also be under the seat, two forelegs on the steps, walking with only the hind legs," she said.
"He couldn't keep up when he was young and always stumbled. But when we took him out, he would run back again under the seat."
Gradually Guai Guai learnt to push the wheelchair himself.
Read all about Guai Guai at Ananova.

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