Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dachshund Handler Fashion

OK, so heaven knows you humans laugh at our antics all the time, so we're gonna poke just a little fun at you today, specifically dachshund handlers. What's up with your fashion sense? This 1965 photo featuring longhair champ 'Copper Queen,' or 'Queenie,' with handler Elaine Webb of North Hollywood, California, may as well have been taken in 2008 because some things never change: the dachshunds and the handler's sense of fashion. Actually, Elaine kinda has it going on with her cat-eye sunglasses and bouffant hair, but we're seriously wondering how Queenie can keep such a straight face.
Things aren't much better in 2008. It's time to put the brown polyester shoulder-padded skirt suits with the matching bulky brown slip-ons out to the curb. We know it isn't easy running around the ring with the dogs in high heels, but we need you to complement our beauty, grace, and impeccable physique when we're in the ring, not send us running in the other direction!

Have a great day.

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