Friday, June 6, 2008

Dachshund Consumerism

Dachshunds are everywhere. They're in our houses, in our yards, on the street, in the park; they're also on our walls, on our t-shirts, and on our mantels. Here's a roundup of some fun dachshund paraphernalia available at the click of a submit button. Above, Scooter, a scrumptious piebald dachshund with enough charm for a pound full of puppies, makes a splendid companion. A jaunty smile always at the ready, this little hot doggy gives unconditional snuggles on demand. Measuring 27 in. x 7 in., Scooter is the perfect size to cushion your tired neck at home, in the office, or in transit. Based on pillow designer Aaron Stewart's own pup. A red dachshund is also available at Pillow Pillow Pillow. Related: Dachshund Pillows.

Thanks to 'Bogie' and 'Monty' for the tip about this fun slightly retro dachshund purse which is also available in blue at Perpetual Kid. All the cool kids are being seen around town with our Gama-Go Wienerdog Plaid Hand Bag! The bag features two exterior media pockets (perfect for holding your cell phone), and interior zipper pocket, and a vinyl adorable puppy dog applique design that continues around the back. Related: dachshund purses

Dachshund Delights offers up a nice new product with their own private label natural dog shampoo, which is made with all natural ingredients and is alcohol and detergent free. Available in Emu Papaya and Almond Oatmeal, who doesn't want a fun image of a showering dachshund on their shampoo?

We know how gassy dachshunds can be. Meet Frank Farter, the farting dachshund, complete with tighty whities. You don't have to pull his finger, just squeeze his paw. He also sings and dances, like most dachshunds do when they fart. Nerd Approved.

Finally, this fun hand painted dog bowl set is newly available over at What's Up Dox Dachshund Shoppe. The artwork was designed by Rebecca W. Volandt and each bowl is hand painted and signed by the artist. Made from high fire stoneware with a lead free glaze they are extremely chip resistant as well as dishwasher safe.

Have a great Friday!

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joyful paws said...

Oh my gosh, that plaid purse is just too cute! Might have to have one of those. Another great wiener dog art site is Maybe you heard of it already, but if not, go check it out! Cute cards!!

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