Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lady the Dachshund Warrior Protects Family From Bear!

Get ready to meet the newest dachshund heroine, 2-year-old red longhair 'Lady,' who hails from Concord, Virginia. Lady kept her family safe by keeping a big black bear at bay in their back yard. Wow, Lady! Way to go, but be careful! Excerpt from ABC13: Rosa Farrar, Lady's Owner - "It was a bear, a big bear."
Rosa grabbed her camera and snapped some pictures. She says the bear had no intention of leaving until it came face to face with a warrior -- Lady, the couple's two-year-old miniature dachshund, came charging out, ready for a fight.
Farrar - "She kept barking and she'd come out after it and she'd jump at it."
And the battle was on.
Farrar - "It would make a hissing sound and growl and stomp its foot, trying to run her away.
But she wasn't going away."
Actually, wasn't really a fight at all. The bear could've taken her out with one swing. But Lady, fearless as she was, kept on barking, kept on annoying, so much so that, after about 20 minutes of her abuse, the bear had had enough and fled.
Farrar - "She kept going after the bear and she wouldn't back down at all."
Then, victorious, Lady took a bath, the bath of a champion. Farrar says she left some food out for Lady and that may be what attracted the bear. Experts say it's best not to leave any food or trash out, because that will attract bears. Read more at ABC13.

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