Friday, June 13, 2008

Dachshund News Roundup!

We love to dance, and this place with the dancing dachshunds sign looks like heaven! When can we move in? The next time we're in Mississippi, we'll definitely swing by Ocean Springs, and visit Two Dogs Dancing. The Sun Herald had a look at the business, and here's an excerpt: Owner Mickie Miller: "I had never had a pet, but in August 2002, I got my first pet (a dachshund named Myrtle). I couldn't think about anything else, I was so over the moon over Myrtle. Before her, I was a workaholic - I'd probably stay at the office until around 7 p.m. But then, after I got her, I was out the door at 5," she said. The name's inspiration came from her two dogs, who would dance around with excitement when she came home from work every day. Read more at The Sun Herald, or visit Two Dogs Dancing.

No price is too high when it comes to saving our furry family members, and red smooth 'Barney' is no exception. The Destin Log, out of Destin, Florida, had a look at veterinary trends over the last 50 years, and here's an excerpt: Paying $2,500 to keep their dachshund Barney in good health was a deal for Destin residents Joanne and Ed Orr.
Last month, the six-year-old dachshund began crying in pain and dragging his legs. The vet told the Orrs that Barney’s spinal discs were degenerating — a common problem in dachshunds — and that he had three possible futures: “To be put down, to get those wheels like a little skateboard, or to have surgery,” as Joanne Orr tells it.
The surgery, she added, had to be done within 48 hours if Barney was to walk again. The Orrs left that day for a specialist in Tallahassee who could perform the operation.
“It’s unbelievable what we went through with him,” Joanne said. “Some people said ‘I can’t believe you didn’t put him to sleep.’ There’s no way — Barney’s part of the family.”
Read more at The Destin Log.
Barney's 6-week-old dachshund brother 'B.J.' was recently in the news when he choked on a piece of meat and was saved by a Destin firefighter who gave the animal the Heimlich maneuver. Sometimes it never ends, huh?

And finally, there's definitely some wild weather all over the United States at the moment, and here's the picture from Kalispell, Montana. A swaddled red smooth dachshund puppy surveys this week's storm damage of a maple tree her human planted 25 years ago. Source.

Be safe and have a great weekend.

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Elizabeth said...

Those dachshunds are too cute! I love Destin (home of my wonderful grandfather) and I adore dachshunds. Great combo, of course.

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