Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dachshunds in Art: Paintings by Pugcasso

Did someone say Picasso inspired dachshund art? Then surely you're talking about prolific modern artist David King, who hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, on Canada's Atlantic coast. We've always been impressed with his colorful and imaginative abstracts, so much so that we bought a piece about 5 years ago that looked like one of your Long and Short of it All hosts, Maggie. Now we've got to get a comission of Joey done one day, who's a little miffed that he's not immortalized in water color and ink, or even a nice acrylic for that matter. You can find the perfect piece of dachshund art at the artist's fun animal art website; every piece is different and unique, just like the dogs and animals who inspired them: Woof!

Our own David King piece: It's all about Maggie. Love the little smile.

Enjoy King's creation of a dachshund painting.

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