Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dachshunds On Parade

Well hello Nosey! Lots of dachshunds and their humans turned out for the 6th Annual Dachshunds on Parade on Saturday in downtown Ellensburg, Washington. Events included dachshund races, a parade, stupid pet tricks, and a costume contest. Excerpt from The Daily Record: Rick White of Snohomish was being led around Fourth Avenue by his 2-year-old dachshund Hoss, as in Hoss Cartwright of old TV “Bonanza” days. Hoss is Rick’s second dachshund in 14 years.
“They’re inseparable,” said Rick’s wife, Kip Fox, 61. “It’s like they’re joined at the hip. They go everywhere together. Hoss even follows him into the bathroom.”
Rick, 56 and retired from commercial fishing, used to hate little dogs; he was bugged, he said, at their “yipping and yapping.” Their daughter came home from college years ago with a dachshund puppy, and something changed.
“I just fell in love with them,” Rick said. “They’re your buddy for life. I guess we’re more like joined at the heart.”
Read several nice stories about dachshund love at The Daily Record.

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