Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dachshund Foot Scraper

Speaking of cast iron Dachshund foot scrapers, check out this nice old article we found doing Dachshund research at a local university.  It's from the Chicago Daily Tribune, December 6, 1931:

No dire need, perhaps, of a foot scraper at our door these modern times, when city and suburban civic associations pave our streets and keep our walks shoveled clean (sometimes!) on snowy, blizzardy days.  Still, there are occasions when it has its uses and, of ye olden days, a foot scraper bids one enter.  In many guises we see it.  Here it takes the form of a black iron Dachshund, alertly waiting the moment he can be of service to the incoming guest.

There are many styles of these foot scrapers available in antique stores, flea markets, and on e-bay; some are old, and some are not.  The one pictured above is obviously pretty old, as the article attests. Looking at the photo in yesterday's post, it is pictured in the back left.  It is the granddaddy of all Dachshund foot scrapers, measuring in at 22", and weighing 30 pounds!  Expect to pay anywhere from $100 - $300 for it.  We've heard that some of these may have a maker's mark of some sort. 
The one in front of it, with a marked bump on the nose, is not old, but is nicely styled. The one to the right, facing in the other direction, is a small version of the granddaddy, and has a plate on the bottom to be screwed down - it is also old, and can be found without the plate.

Heading outside to the front porch of the casa de Long and Short of it All are two more available styles.  (Let's lift these up to get a better photo - they're heavy!)  The pudgy one in front is definitely new, and can be found for as little as $10 sometimes; it does not have a marked bump on its nose, and has angular, almost art deco styling in the snout and ears. 
The larger one behind it sort of looks like the granddaddy, but smaller with a curly tail.  We got this at an antique store for a reasonable price of about $50, so we're not exactly sure of its age - most likely later than the granddaddy at least.
Regardless of the age, foot scrapers are fun to have and collect for the Dachshund Enthusiast, and as the Tribune article eludes, they are a welcoming sign to your home - much like the good little Dachshunds inside.


curator said...

As always an excellent post (how do you DO it?). And have I said what a funny sweet photo that is on your header?

firstyouleap said...

I this Joey and Maggie are so so so lucky to have a home that certainly looks so warm and inviting. Can you get them away from the fire (see below) when it's lit? And do they share? Melinda

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hey Melinda, they love it when there's a fire in the fireplace, they could sit next to it forever. They share it - snuggling next to each other, and Joey will rest his big head on his little sister.

And thanks curator!

kalyxcorn said...

love the boot scrapers. I took one back in my carry-on luggage once and got some strange looks going through security!

Wes in Ohio said...

The old advertisement is a great find! I used to work in an affluent neighborhood with a stunning variety of dachshund bootscrapers and was lucky enough to obtain one clearing a mass of ivy from a vacant mansion. Long and skinny similar to the larger pictured, ring tail and ribs showing. I've seen them on Ebay up to $200. Mine rests on my fireplace mantle safe from the elements and potential thieves. My Dad assumed the ring-tailed varieties to be both bootscrapers and leash ties for smaller dogs? Wish I'd had a digital camera back in those days, I did see quite a variety. Enclosed are links for 2 pictures of mine and a very novel web-find I'd love to have an example of! My two: and and the web-find: Enjoy!

Rowdy and Bette said...

Hi Wes,
Thanks for the links, looks like you've got the nice one with the round tail! That's great! Enjoyed the pics, but we're not sure if the last one is a Dachshund? Still funny though!

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